OUR COMPANY POWER OIL  is a company CREATED IN THE UNITED STATES WITH PRODUCTION PLANTS IN Colombia and has over 25 years’ experience and expertise in lubricants and greases the production and marketing.

We are the only company in Colombia with two strategically-located production plants, one in Yumbo, Valle del Cauca, close to the Buenaventura port on the Pacific Coast, and the other in Galapa, Atlántico, next to the Barranquilla port, which serves the entire national territory and from which all exports to international markets are made.

Strict compliance with resolution 1496 of 1984 from the Ministry of Mines and Energy is our main production objective. This resolution regulates the supply of Paraffinic and Naphthenic Bases, distilled extracts and special oils, sold by the Colombian Petroleum Company, which has allowed Power Oil to access and carry out under our company code the purchases and withdrawals of all these products, required for the production of lubricants, from the ECOPETROL refinery located in Barrancabermeja and from the Group II Bases imported into the country.

Power Oil bases its formulations according to the standard for the application of different oils, we use additive packages imported from prestigious and world-renowned houses, developed according to the latest technological advances in lubrication, resulting in an lubricant with excellent quality and properties, which prolongs the life of gasoline and diesel engines.


Power Oil has highly-trained technical personnel to provide customers with all the technical advice they require regarding the correct use of our products, their handling procedures and their application, in order to guarantee:

  • The optimum
  • Savings in maintenance and oil consumption.
  • Short-term cost reduction.
  • Excellent cost-benefit ratio

POWER OIL Lubricantes prepares, in agreement with the client, the most convenient product supply program at their facilities, in order to obtain:

Periodic stock that assures the user immediate product availability.

Low inventory, to obtain the greatest efficiency in maintenance, storage and/or production costs and their respective level of inventories, reducing your need for capital investment in this area and thus having a better cash flow in your company.



We produce, export, import, distribute and market lubricating oils and greases and related products for the automotive, industrial, mining, agricultural and marine sectors, providing comprehensive solutions with excellent quality products, competitive prices and an innovative image, made with high quality standards and competent personnel in order to effectively respond to customer expectations, seeking greater growth for its members (employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders) that returns social, environmental and economic benefits for all.


By 2022 Power Oil will be the leader in the national market, recognized as one of the best lubricant producers and marketers with an increase in exports of its products to Latin America, offering products with innovative technologies that provide better performance, offering excellent service and technical support to its clients, and committing to sustainable development.


POWER OIL LUBRICANTES SA, committed to continuous improvement, has the policy of complying with each of its products’ technical specifications, meeting the requirements agreed with its customers and with current environmental legislation. This is achieved by a motivated and trained staff who, together with their managers, seeks to position the latest generation lubricants in the market, minimizing and controlling the environmental impacts of their processes and applying appropriate techniques for the handling of used oils.

Strategic objectives

  • To achieve a position and recognition for the manufacturing and marketing of lubricants.
  • To position our products nationally through a wide distribution network.
  • To provide an excellent service to our clients by complying with the agreed requirements.
  • To promote stakeholders’ social and financial growth.
  • To create and maintain an interdisciplinary group that motivates Power Oil Lubricantes’ staff to comply with legislation and other applicable requirements, strategies that allow the development and good functioning of the integrated management system.
  • To protect the environment by minimizing environmental impacts through the execution of environmental management programs.
  • To reduce the environmental impact generated by the final disposal of used oils by developing techniques that allow used oil to be returned to the production chain.